When we get inside a car that has been parked under the sun for a long time, we have one thing in our mind: making it as cold as possible — as soon as possible. Often, we select the coldest temperature possible on the climate control and assume that this will cause it to get colder at a faster rate.

For example, if we would like to achieve 21-degree temperature inside the car immediately, then we would select 16-degree on the climate control and assume that the air conditioning would cool down the car faster than normal.

As a matter…

Ten years ago, Nokia had 98 mobile phones and smartphones on its website, and Apple had only two products: the iPhone and the iPhone 3G. During those years, Nokia was the market leader in the business. They had products ranging from the lower end to the higher end, covering every market sector. It appeared to be an airtight marketing strategy.

However, Apple was only offering two iPhones, and it was a breakthrough. Once, owning a Nokia was a sensational experience; then public opinion shifted towards the iPhone. People were gradually switching from Nokia to Apple, but Nokia didn’t realise it.

Before I start, I would like to give some brief information about myself. I was born in Turkey in 1981, and was raised in a highly academic environment, in which the neo-classical economic model was much in vogue.

In 1990, my parents decided to sell their house in Ankara. During those years, you didn’t have the chance to take photos with your smartphone and upload them to a website, then share the link with your friends on a WhatsApp group. It was a ‘hard-core analogue’ world.

They advertised the house in a newspaper. (It was a very common practice then.)…

Today, I wanted to make a flashback and go back to my childhood.

When I was 12 years old.

I did my first nudge to Bill Gates in 1993.

I was 12 years old and wanted to learn Visual C++ programming language. However it was a very expensive piece of software (~£2,527 in today’s money). It was a very wise way to convince my parents to spend their money on this software.

So, I decided to change the way Bill Gates was thinking. Basically, I framed the Visual C++ pricing from a 12 years old’s perspective, and started to write…

Photo by Ines Álvarez Fdez on Unsplash

Turning your great idea into a startup is an important achievement. Nonetheless, the journey of your startup can be stressful and things usually don’t go as you planned. I had the same experience myself. Certainly, during my six years of freelancing, things did not always go as I expected.

These ups and downs may have a negative impact on wellness for entrepreneurs. In this article, then, I’ll take a look at some behavioural-economic strategies to improve wellness.

For readers who may have missed my previous article, let me remind you what behavioural economics actually means. …

My first encounter with the Moleskine brand was in November 2005. My first Moleskine was a diary, and I had no idea about the brand. Instead, the design and quality of the diary captured my attention, and I decided to buy it. In behavioural economics, this is called the “priming effect”. Initial cues recall conscious and subconscious information which we use to make a decision. And my decision went really well for 14 years.

Moleskine is a great brand with a great heritage, although it is a bit of an overpriced product. Each year they increase their prices a little…

Framing is everything. Framing effect: Our brain interprets information depending on how it is presented

The summer of 2008 — it has been a really long time. I was at Harvey Nichols Istanbul during the 70% sale period. Yes, in Harvey Nichols Istanbul, they used to have crazy sales for their entire collection.

Along with the 70% discount, the shopping experience in Harvey Nichols Istanbul was amazing. The whole experience touched all my senses. For the price tag, you are not just buying a product to cover your body; you are buying a journey, replete with thick carpets, immaculate sales…

My journey with Evernote started around October 2010. It was the only note taking app that uses cloud storage. During those years, Apple Note was only offline, meaning that you couldn’t access your notes from your MacBook or iPad. Therefore, Evernote was a ground breaking tool. Also, the free features of Evernote were amazing. Although you knew that the paid version is better, the free features weren’t that restrictive.

After a few years, O2 started to offer free Evernote Premium service to its customers. After that moment, my life with Evernote changed fundamentally. I had the chance to utilise every…

I recently tried CanO Water, the new canned water on the market. I thought it was a great idea when I first saw it at the Tesco. Interestingly, however, my experience wasn’t that great. I blame this on my brain, because, there was nothing wrong with the water or the packaging.

Since 1985, I have expected to drink carbonated drinks from a can. For few of years, I drunk Iced Tea, but this still isn’t water. This previous experience meant that, when I drank the CanO Water, my brain was expecting something fizzy, not water.

Honestly, I didn’t enjoy the…

TV ads are dead. No one watches TV nowadays or pays any attention to the ads. Probably it an area where your advertising budget is wasted.

This statement is partially true. TV ads are still working if you can manage to apply behavioural economics approaches. What is behavioural economics? It explains why we make irrational decisions for rational reasons.

On 7th January, 2018 around 20.30, Lipton (the tea brand of the Unilever Group) released a 5-minute advertisement on 17 different Turkish TV channels. Yes, it was a full 5-minute ad! …

Uygar Kilic

UX Designer and Behavioural Economist

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